Gaining insite: Harm reduction in nursing practice



Lightfoot B, Panessa C, Hayden S, Thumath M, Goldstone IL & Pauly B (2009) Gaining insite: Harm reduction in nursing practice. Canadian Nurse, 105 (4), pp. 16-22.

Insite, a supervised injection facility in Vancouver, British Columbia, is an evidence-based response to the ongoing health and social crisis in the city's Downtown Eastside. It has been shown that Insite's services increase treatment referrals, mitigate the spread and impacts of blood-borne disease abd prevent overdose deaths. One of the goals of this facility is to improve the health of those who use injection drugs. Nurses contribute to this goal by building trusting relationships with clients and delivering health services in a harm reduction setting. The authors describe nursing practice at Insite and its alignment with professional and ethical standards of regsitered nursing practice. Harm reduction is consistent with accepted standards for nursing practice as set out by the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia and the Canadian Nurses Association and with World Health Organization guidelines.

Canadian Nurse: Volume 105, Issue 4

Publication date30/04/2009
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Professor Bernadette Pauly

Professor Bernadette Pauly

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