Editorial: The Grand Challenges for Academic Journals



Meijer A & Webster W (2022) Editorial: The Grand Challenges for Academic Journals. Information Polity, 27 (4), pp. 421-423. https://doi.org/10.3233/ip-229016

First paragraph: Welcome to the final issue of Information Polity for 2022. For us, as Editors-in-Chief of the journal, this marks a five-year milestone of our stewardship. During this period, we have overseen a number of changes in the way that the Information Polity is managed and governed. We are delighted with the progress that has been made and feel that this is an excellent reflection of the strength of our academic community and scholarship in the area. At the same time, the position and role of academic journals is in a turbulent situation and in this editorial, we would like to take the opportunity to reflect on five ‘grand challenges’. These challenges are not especially new, and there are others, but these are primarily issues that we have been navigating in recent years and which, we feel, will shape the future of academic journals

Public Administration; Sociology and Political Science; Communication; Information Systems

Information Polity: Volume 27, Issue 4

Publication date31/12/2022
Publication date online31/12/2022
Date accepted by journal15/11/2022
PublisherIOS Press

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Professor William Webster

Professor William Webster

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