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Mapping Gamified Servicescapes for Physical Activity



Pavlopoulou I (2020) Mapping Gamified Servicescapes for Physical Activity. In: Utilizing Gamification in Servicescapes for Improved Consumer Engagement. IGI Global, pp. 194-223.

Gamified systems designed to facilitate people's efforts to monitor their daily physical activity have expanded and grown in popularity. This chapter explores the servicescapes of such systems, and attempts to build a map of their possible components in which value is being created and co-created. The chapter encourages scholars to consider value creation or co-creation processes as engagement processes, and to adopt the term ‘value-in-engagement' to describe their outcome. Secondly, based on a netnographic study on a gamified servicescape for physical activity, the chapter develops a map of the system and analyses its components. Implications and potential for future implementation of this mapping approach are presented.

Publication date31/12/2020
PublisherIGI Global

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Dr Ismini Pavlopoulou

Dr Ismini Pavlopoulou

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