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Creativity and Contingency: Provoking Chance across the Arts



Wheeler M, Kukkonen K, Ballaster R, Dumas G, Keazor H & Vogel J (2023) Creativity and Contingency: Provoking Chance across the Arts. In: Duprat A & James A (eds.) Figure of Chance Volume 2. Figures of Chance. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

First paragraph of sub-chapter: To shed light on how chance and contingency operate in relation to artistic creativity (where “artistic” is understood broadly to encompass visual art, music, dance, literature, theatre and so on), one needs, among other things, to engage with a complex web of interrelated ideas encompassing notions such as constraint, predictability, control and design. The goal of this section is to navigate that web. Special attention will be paid to music composition and music improvisation, although illustrative examples will sometimes be drawn from other areas of the arts.

Title of seriesFigures of Chance
Place of publicationAbingdon, Oxon

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Professor Michael Wheeler

Professor Michael Wheeler

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