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The Sleepless



Bell L (2023) The Sleepless. Manchester: Fly on the Wall Press.

What if I told you that sleep was just a habit? What if the third of your life you spend asleep, you could be awake instead? Grafton is a single dad who works in local radio, but he’s always dreamt of being a ‘real’ journalist. When he gets a whiff of a story – a Scottish commune whose residents believe that sleep is a social construct – he decides to investigate… something tells him ‘the Sleepless’ might finally provide answers about his wife, Liz, who abandoned him and their son Isaac for a similar cult in India.

creative writing; novel; thriller; fiction

Publication date30/09/2023
Publication date online30/09/2023
PublisherFly on the Wall Press
Publisher URL…ess-by-liam-bell
Place of publicationManchester

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Dr Liam Bell

Dr Liam Bell

Senior Lecturer, English Studies