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The role of ASEAN in the Myanmar’s post-coup crisis: Breaking the stalemate?



Adhikari M & Alexandra L (2023) The role of ASEAN in the Myanmar’s post-coup crisis: Breaking the stalemate?. Peace and Conflict Resolution Evidence Platform.

First Paragraph: The military coup in February 2021 derailed Myanmar’s attempts to transition towards peace and democracy in Myanmar. Along with the political crisis, a humanitarian emergency has also emerged, marked by record displacement of people, and shortages of food and medicine – fuelled by the continued violent crackdown by the military, and the re-emergence of conflicts in different parts of the country. The opposition to the military, including the National Unity Government (NUG), the various ethnic armed/ resistance organisations’ (EAOs/EROs), and the popular “revolution” – armed and non-violent Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) – have gained ground despite facing many difficulties. However, despite the international community’s call for an immediate stop to the violence and systematic human rights abuses, the military has increasingly relied on violence to assert control.

FundersFCDO Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and FCDO Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
Publication date30/09/2023
Publication date online30/09/2023
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Dr Monalisa Adhikari

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