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The Frankfurt Kabuff Critical Edition



Squiscoll B, Wilkins K, Howsam L, Gadd I, Rak J, Fowler B, Banks M, Brouillette S, Norrick-Ruhl C, Eikhof DR, Das A, Ezra E, Gonsalves R, Fuller D & Horne A (2023) The Frankfurt Kabuff Critical Edition. Driscoll B (Editor) & Squires C (Editor). Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

When violence breaks out at the stands of far-right publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Beatrice Deft is provoked into action. An alienated Australian high school teacher who finds herself at the centre of the global book industry, Beatrice encounters a cast of characters including the very hot Caspian Schorle (German police officer), Kurt Weidenfeld (left-wing German publisher), and White Storm (a neo-Nazi publishing organisation). Such is the premise of The Frankfurt Kabuff, a comic erotic thriller about the publishing industry originally self-published under the pseudonym Blaire Squiscoll. With The Frankfurt Kabuff Critical Edition, Blaire Squiscoll is revealed as the pen name of Beth Driscoll and Claire Squires, who created the novella in the midst of fieldwork at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Published for the first time as a full critical edition, this experimental, playful work combines critical and creative modes for new perspectives on the publishing industry and creative economies. The Frankfurt Kabuff Critical Edition enriches the novella with an introduction, annotated text, 15 essays by leading scholars and practitioners, and additional creative assemblages. This highly unusual research project offers insights for students, academics and publishers alike.

Additional authors: Kelvin Smith, Paula Clarke Bain

EditorProfessor Claire Squires
FundersUniversity of Melbourne
Publication date31/12/2023
Publication date online30/09/2023
PublisherWilfrid Laurier University Press
Publisher URL…Critical-Edition
Place of publicationWaterloo, Ontario

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Professor Claire Squires

Professor Claire Squires

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