Research Report

Street Benzodiazepine Use: The perspectives of those who Use



Matheson C, Schofield J & Bloomfield H (2023) Street Benzodiazepine Use: The perspectives of those who Use. University of Stirling.

This work was undertaken as scoping work to inform intervention development for an application to the Chief Scientist Office. Evidence of harm from ‘street’ benzodiazepines (BZP) was evident in drug related death data and is not covered here. As a result it was clear that an intervention was required to minimise harm from street BZDs. Current evidence is insufficient to inform clinicians and offer the reassurance they need. The aim of this study was to explore experience and motivation of BZD users. The intention is to bring this understanding into a complex intervention development model as part of the CSO funded project. A COM- B approach framed the questions. COM B requires that three factors affect behaviour: capability, opportunity and motivation. The research questions were : 1. How are street BZDs accessed and used? (capability) 2. What is the availability of street BZD? (opportunity) 3. Why do people use street BZDs? (motivation) 4. What sort of treatment/support do people have experience of or want? (opportunity for behaviour change)


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Professor Catriona Matheson

Professor Catriona Matheson

Professor in Substance Use, Faculty of Social Sciences

Mr Joe Schofield

Mr Joe Schofield

Tutor, Faculty of Social Sciences