A new avenue in the search for CP violation: Mössbauer spectroscopy of 227Ac



Scheck M, Chapman R, Dobaczewski J, Ederer C, Ivanov P, Lorusso G, O'Donnell D & Schröder C (2023) A new avenue in the search for CP violation: Mössbauer spectroscopy of 227Ac. European Physical Journal A: Hadrons and Nuclei.

This work proposes a new avenue in the search for CP-violating odd-electric and even-magnetic nuclear moments. A promising candidate to find such moments in the ground state is the quadrupole-deformed and octupole-correlated nucleus 227-actinium. In this nucleus, the 27.4-keV E1 transition that connects the 3/2+ parity-doublet partner and the 3/2− ground state is perfectly suited to apply the sensitive technique of recoil-free selfabsorption, commonly known as Mössbauer spectroscopy. In this experimental approach, the lifetime of the 3/2+ upper parity-doublet partner allows an estimate of the lower limit of ΔE = 2 · Γγ = 23.7(1) × 10−9 eV for the achievable energy resolution to be made. This resolution must be exceeded by the interaction of a CP-violating moment and the corresponding multipole moment of the field distribution in the lattice. This work presents the first ideas for patterns caused by CP-violating moments on the expected quadrupole splitting and nuclear Zeeman effect.

Quadrupole-octupole coupling; CP-violating moments; Mossbauer spectroscopy; Quadrupole splitting; Nuclear Zeeman effect

Output Status: Forthcoming

European Physical Journal A: Hadrons and Nuclei

FundersScience & Technology Facilities Council
Date accepted by journal05/04/2023

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Dr Christian Schroeder

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