Teaching note - Critical pedagogies: practical examples from the marketing classroom



Moufahim M, Heath T, O’Malley L, Casey K, Denegri-Knott J, Kuruoglu A, Pavlopoulou I & Pradhan A (2023) Teaching note - Critical pedagogies: practical examples from the marketing classroom. Journal of Marketing Management, 39 (1-2), pp. 149-165.

Through five empirical accounts of critical teaching practices, this note addresses how we can teach and seeks to understand the strategies and approaches employed by marketing scholars to incorporate critical and moral reflection into the marketing curriculum, and be more critical and imaginative in reshaping marketing practices in the face of current challenges. The pedagogic examples offered acknowledge the powerful potential of the marketing classroom in developing critical and creative mindsets of future leaders and practitioners. These illustrations of the passion and creativity of marketing teachers can inspire colleagues to experiment with and develop their ideas in the classroom, and offer a model for sharing experiences that we hope may encourage more colleagues to do likewise.

Critical Pedagogy; student engagement; critical thinking; ethics; societal change; access

Journal of Marketing Management: Volume 39, Issue 1-2

Publication date31/12/2023
Publication date online28/02/2023
Date accepted by journal20/01/2023
PublisherInforma UK Limited

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Dr Mona Moufahim

Dr Mona Moufahim

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Dr Ismini Pavlopoulou

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