Who Buys Surplus Meals? An Exploratory Survey in Danish Canteens



Pandey S, Budhathoki M, Feng K, Thomsen M & Reinbach HC (2023) Who Buys Surplus Meals? An Exploratory Survey in Danish Canteens. Foods, 12 (5), Art. No.: 1035.

Food waste has received increasing attention over the last decade, owing to its economic, environmental, and social impacts. Much of the existing research has investigated consumers’ buying behaviour towards sub-optimal and upcycle food, but surplus meal buying behaviours are poorly understood. Thus, this study performed consumer segmentation through a modular food-related lifestyle (MFRL) instrument and determined consumers’ buying behaviour towards surplus meals in canteens employing the theory of reasoned action (TRA). A survey was conducted using a validated questionnaire from a convenient sample of 460 Danish canteen users. Four food-related lifestyle consumer segments were identified by employing k-means segmentation: Conservative (28%), Adventurous (15%), Uninvolved (12%), and Eco-moderate (45%). The Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM) analysis indicated that attitudes and subjective norms were significantly influencing surplus meal buying intention to further influence buying behaviour. Environmental objective knowledge was significantly influencing environmental concerns to further influence attitudes and behavioural intention. However, environmental objective knowledge had no significant influence on attitude towards surplus meals. Male consumers with higher education, those having higher food responsibility and lower food involvement, and convenience scores had higher surplus food buying behaviour. The results can be used to inform policymakers, marketers, business professionals, and practitioners to promote surplus meals in canteens or similar settings.

consumer behaviour; food waste; surplus meal; theory of reasoned action; food-related lifestyle; sociodemographic characteristics

Foods: Volume 12, Issue 5

FundersEuropean Union’s Horizon 2020
Publication date31/03/2023
Publication date online28/02/2023
Date accepted by journal27/02/2023
PublisherMDPI AG

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Mr Mausam Budhathoki

Mr Mausam Budhathoki

ITN Early Stage Researcher, Institute of Aquaculture