The role of tourism in personal nationalism: A case study



Tinson JS & Saren MAJ (2022) The role of tourism in personal nationalism: A case study. Tourism Management, 93, Art. No.: 104612.

Drawing on interviews with twenty tourists at the National Wallace Monument in Stirling, Scotland, this case study uses the concept of personal nationalism to understand how national identity is interpreted and communicated in personal and (post) tourist space. It uses a narrative analysis of domestic and international tourists’ experiences to realise how heritage tourism sites could benefit from understanding individual meanings of a nation. The research reveals personal nationalism is characterised by inclusion, interaction and individualisation. Participants consolidate their personal nationalism by connecting with and on behalf of others as well as through various ways of belonging, and by interpreting their experiences in relation to their families. The findings represent a nuanced articulation of the role of tourism in the appropriation of national symbols, myths and values by tourists at a national heritage site. The study offers an alternative perspective on the relevance of what cultural producers convey to tourists.

Personal nationalism; Identity; Heritage; Braveheart; Symbols

Tourism Management: Volume 93

Publication date31/12/2022
Publication date online27/06/2022
Date accepted by journal14/06/2022

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Professor Julie Tinson

Professor Julie Tinson

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