The Relationship Between Basic Needs Satisfaction, Self-determined Motivation, and Burnout in Korean Esports Players



Hong HJ, Wilkinson G & Rocha CM (2022) The Relationship Between Basic Needs Satisfaction, Self-determined Motivation, and Burnout in Korean Esports Players. Journal of Gambling Studies.

This article aims to understand the relationship between basic needs satisfaction, self-determined motivation, and burnout in esports players. To achieve this, we investigate three research hypotheses: (1) The three dimensions of basic needs satisfaction have a positive effect on the self-determined motivation of esports players, (2) The self-determined motivation of esports players has a negative effect on their burnout, and (3) All three dimensions of basic needs satisfaction affect esports player’s burnout, indirectly via self-determined motivation. Data were collected through an online questionnaire (n = 608) administered to Korean esports players who play online games as a leisure activity. Results indicate that player competence has a negative relationship with self-determined motivation, suggesting that Korean players do not associate increased levels of competence with their intrinsic motivation. The results show that intrinsic motivation is negatively associated with burnout, particularly exhaustion and reduced sense of accomplishment. It should be noted that Korean players’ high level of competence can result in reduced levels of self-determined motivation, which can lead them to burnout. This should be addressed by the industry, practitioners, and researchers considering the cultural context and the relationship between the factors, which will contribute to the sustainable growth and prosperity of the esports.

Online games; Athlete burnout; Esports players; Self-determination theory; Esports players’ motivation

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Journal of Gambling Studies

StatusIn Press
Publication date online31/05/2022
Date accepted by journal01/05/2022
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Dr Hee Jung Hong
Dr Hee Jung Hong

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