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SAIS User Survey Summary Report



Ebert P & Comerford D (2022) SAIS User Survey Summary Report. Diggins M (Contact Person) Scottish Avalanche Information Services. Online: University of Stirling.

The report provides a summary of the findings of a survey run in 2021. The findings cover the following topics: A. General summary and main findings B. SAIS survey respondents’ profile and avalanche knowledge C. SAIS survey respondents’ familiarity with SAIS reports D. SAIS survey respondents’ understanding of the hazard scale and danger rose

Risk Communication, Risk Management, Natural Hazards, Forecasting

The data set associated with the report can be found here: Supported by the AHRC Research Project "Varieties of Risk" The report is a collaboration between Philip Ebert and David Comerford

FundersAHRC Arts and Humanities Research Council
Publication date14/04/2022
Publication date online14/04/2022
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