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Curriculum Making and Teacher Agency



Priestley M, Philippou S, Alvunger D & Soini T (2022) Curriculum Making and Teacher Agency. In: Tierney R, Rizvi F & Ercikan K (eds.) Elsevier International Encyclopaedia of Education. 4th ed. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

This chapter theorizes the relationship between two currently significant concepts in educational discourse, curriculum making and teacher agency, illustrating how they are symbiotic. Drawing upon applicable literature and theories, the chapter explores each concept separately, before analyzing the complex relationship between them. Utilizing an ecological understanding of agency, the authors argue that curriculum making is dependent upon teacher agency, and that, moreover, teacher agency is fostered and strengthened by meaningful curriculum making as a social practice across several sites of activity. The chapter concludes with some reflection about how policy might be formulated more holistically and systemically to enhance both curriculum making and teacher agency in mutually enriching ways.

Publication date31/12/2022
Publication date online01/11/2022
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Professor Mark Priestley

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