At least you tried: The value of De Dicto concern to do the right thing



Field C (2022) At least you tried: The value of De Dicto concern to do the right thing. Philosophical Studies.

I argue that there are some situations in which it is praiseworthy to be motivated only by moral rightness de dicto, even if this results in wrongdoing. I consider a set of cases that are challenging for views that dispute this, prioritising concern for what is morally important (de re, and not de dicto) in moral evaluation (for example, Arpaly, 2003; Arpaly & Schroeder, 2013; Harman 2015; Weatherson, 2019). In these cases, the agent is not concerned about what is morally important (de re), does the wrong thing, but nevertheless seems praiseworthy rather than blameworthy. I argue that the views under discussion cannot accommodate this, and should be amended to recognise that it is often praiseworthy to be motivated to do what is right (de dicto).

Praiseworthiness; Blameworthiness; Neuroatypicality; Moral responsibility; Moral recklessness; Moral Risk

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Philosophical Studies

StatusIn Press
FundersAHRC Arts and Humanities Research Council and European Commission (Horizon 2020)
Publication date online05/03/2022
Date accepted by journal11/01/2022
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