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The Ullapoolism Manifesto



Driscoll B & Squires C (2021) The Ullapoolism Manifesto. ASAP/J [Blog Post] 01.11.2021.

We are the co-founders of ULLAPOOLISM, a conceptual school inspired by a trip to the town of Ullapool in the north-west of Scotland. ULLAPOOLISM foregrounds playful, material and arts-informed research, and the ULLAPOOLISM MANIFESTO is a central tool in the construction, articulation, and dissemination of the Ullapoolist research agenda. This MANIFESTO was developed to guide our own practice as researchers of contemporary book cultures, but has wider applicability to those seeking to understand and intervene in culture more broadly. Our MANIFESTO is designed to fuel discontent and discomfort, to amuse and entertain, but also to unite a critical and creative movement. We want the MANIFESTO to be shared, used, debated, and even rejected. In adopting the genre of the MANIFESTO, we urge an activist, interventionist engagement with creative economies and the scholarship relating to them. The eleven principles of the MANIFESTO, with their accompanying SLOGANS to be spread by every means, together propose a research program with the potential to reinvigorate exhausted modes of critique and to generate more just contemporary cultures.

Activism, Creative Economies, Epistemology, Manifesto, Slogans, Ullapoolism

Type of mediaBlog Post
Publication date01/11/2021
Publication date online01/11/2021
PublisherAssociation for the Study of the Arts of the Present
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Professor Claire Squires

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