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Key governments have rolled back their environmental commitments



Savaresi A (2020) Key governments have rolled back their environmental commitments. University of Stirling Public Policy Blog [Blog post] 24.09.2020.

First paragraph: There has always been a tension between the pursuit of economic objectives and that of environmental objectives. Scientists have clearly identified action that needs to be undertaken. Dr Annalisa Savaresi explores the key issues in an interview with Kourosh Ziabari, for the Organization for Defending Victims of Violence. Climate change is a complex threat to life on Earth, driving countless shifts worldwide, and it is only through collective action on the individual, national, regional and international levels that it can be addressed meaningfully. The provision of food, fibre, fuel and freshwater, without which human society and its economy cannot survive, is jeopardized by the rising global temperature and record levels of land and freshwater exploitation.

Type of mediaBlog post
Publication date24/09/2020
Publication date online24/09/2020
PublisherUniversity of Stirling
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