Book Chapter

Medical Societies and the Scottish Enlightenment


Jenkinson J (2020) Medical Societies and the Scottish Enlightenment. In: Wallace MC & Rendall J (eds.) Association and Enlightenment: Scottish Clubs and Societies, 1700-1830. Studies in Eighteenth century Scotland. Lewisburg Pennsylvania: Bucknell University Press, pp. 69-84.

The formation of clubs and societies was an integral part of the development of the medical profession in the Scottish Enlightenment. Medical associations and societies were formed for varied reasons. As well as advancing medical knowledge, they also provided forums for further education, opportunities to progress the profession, and chances for networking through regular meetings. In addition, the more “social” medical clubs that are discussed in this chapter provided a convivial atmosphere in which physicians and surgeons could cooperate rather than compete.

Title of seriesStudies in Eighteenth century Scotland
Publication date31/12/2020
Publication date online31/12/2020
PublisherBucknell University Press
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Place of publicationLewisburg Pennsylvania