A preliminary study of the reliability of soccer skill tests within a modified soccer match simulation protocol



Rodriguez-Giustiniani P, Rollo I & Galloway SD (2021) A preliminary study of the reliability of soccer skill tests within a modified soccer match simulation protocol. Science and Medicine in Football.

Aim: This study examined test-retest reliability of soccer-specific skills within a modified version of the soccer match simulation (SMS) protocol. Methods: Ten professional youth academy soccer players (18 ± 1 years) from the United Kingdom completed 30 minutes of the modified SMS on two occasions under standardised conditions. During each trial, participants performed 20-m dribbling, short passing (4.2-m), long passing (7.9-m), shooting skills, and 15-m sprints within four blocks of soccer specific activity. Results: Collapsed normative data (mean (SD)) for trial 1 and trial 2 for dribbling speed was 2.7 (0.2) m/s, for sprint speed 5.9 (0.4) m/s, for short pass speed 11.1 (0.5) km/h, for long pass speed was 12.2 (0.5) km/h, and for shooting speed was 13.3 (0.4) km/h. Mean results from trial 1 and trial 2 were not different for all measures evaluated (P > 0.05). Good to excellent reliability (ICC 0.76-0.99) was observed for long and short passing speed, shooting speed, sprint speed, and long pass accuracy, with CVs typically < 5-10%. Moderate reliability (ICC 0.50-0.75) was observed for dribbling speed. Poor reliability (ICC < 0.50) was observed for dribbling accuracy and shooting accuracy. Conclusions The reliability of the modified version of the SMS protocol is promising for most of the skills assessed, with the exception of dribbling and shooting accuracy in this group of professional youth soccer players. The modified protocol is easy to implement within professional clubs without specialist equipment, but due to the limited sample size the reliability requires further confirmation in a larger sample.

Football; reproducibility; accuracy; speed

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Science and Medicine in Football

StatusIn Press
Publication date online31/08/2021
Date accepted by journal18/08/2021
PublisherInforma UK Limited

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Professor Stuart Galloway

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