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Smoke-free homes Innovation Network (SHINE) Charter: Priorities for future collaboration



O'Donnell R, Semple S, Kroll T & Frazer K (2021) Smoke-free homes Innovation Network (SHINE) Charter: Priorities for future collaboration. Tobacco Control Blog [Blog post] 04.08.2021.

First paragraph: The UK and Ireland are both widely regarded as world leaders in tobacco control measures, introducing comprehensive smoke-free public places legislation between 2004 and 2007. Substantial gains were made through these policy changes leading to the near total elimination of second-hand smoke (SHS) in a range of public venues, and increased public support among smokers for such policies. Nearly 20 years on, however, most childrens’ and non-smokers’ exposure to SHS occurs in their own home, and close to 1 in 5 non-smoking adults and nearly one-third of children continue to be exposed to SHS during a typical day. Exposure to SHS is more common in areas of social deprivation. Housing constraints, having friends and family who smoke, sole-parenting and lack of access to safe outdoor space are just some of the wider challenges that make creating a smoke-free home difficult. There is no consensus about the type of interventions that can effectively tackle this inequality, which may have been further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and ‘stay at home’ lockdown restrictions, leading to an increase in smoking in some homes.

Type of mediaBlog post
FundersEconomic and Social Research Council
Publication date04/08/2021
Publication date online04/08/2021
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Dr Rachel O'Donnell

Dr Rachel O'Donnell

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Professor Sean Semple

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