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Rio 2016: A New World


Rocha C & Mazzei L (2021) Rio 2016: A New World. In: Harris S & Dowling M (eds.) Sport Participation and Olympic Legacies: A Comparative Study. Routledge Research in Sport Politics and Policy. London: Routledge, pp. 132-152.

The international press praised Rio 2016, saying that, from a purely sporting event perspective, it was an extraordinary success. However, that success has little to do with long-term legacy. This chapter discusses whether some actions directly related to the Rio 2016 have left or have potential to leave a sport participation legacy for the population in the decades following the event. We discuss the lack of a long-term policy for sport participation in the country. We suggest that, the absence of such policy makes very difficult for the country to get any benefit in terms of sport participation.

sport mega-events; Olympic Games; legacy; sport participation; sport policy

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Title of seriesRoutledge Research in Sport Politics and Policy
Publication date online11/08/2021
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