Retreat dynamics of the eastern sector of the British-Irish Ice Sheet during the last glaciation



Evans DJA, Roberts DH, Bateman MD, Clark CD, Medialdea A, Callard L, Grimoldi E, Chiverrell RC, Ely J, Dove D, Ó Cofaigh C, Saher M, Bradwell T, Moreton SG, Fabel D & Bradley SL (2021) Retreat dynamics of the eastern sector of the British-Irish Ice Sheet during the last glaciation. Journal of Quaternary Science, 36 (5), pp. 723-751.

The findings of BRITICE‐CHRONO Transect 2 through the North Sea Basin and eastern England are reported. We define ice‐sheet marginal oscillation between ~31 and 16 ka, with seven distinctive former ice‐sheet limits (L1–7) constrained by Bayesian statistical analysis. The southernmost limit of the North Sea Lobe is recorded by the Bolders Bank Formation (L1; 25.8–24.6 ka). L2 represents ice‐sheet oscillation and early retreat to the northern edge of the Dogger Bank (23.5–22.2 ka), with the Garret Hill Moraine in north Norfolk recording a significant regional readvance to L3 at 21.5–20.8 ka. Ice‐marginal oscillations at ~26–21 ka resulted in L1, L2 and L3 being partially to totally overprinted. Ice‐dammed lakes related to L1–3, including Lake Humber, are dated at 24.1–22.3 ka. Ice‐sheet oscillation and retreat from L4 to L5 occurred between 19.7 and 17.3 ka, with grounding zone wedges marking an important transition from terrestrial to marine tidewater conditions, triggered by the opening of the Dogger Lake spillway between 19.9 and 17.5 ka. L6 relates to ice retreat under glacimarine conditions and final ice retreat into the Firth of Forth by 15.8 ka. L7 (~15 ka) represents an ice retreat from Bosies Bank into the Moray Firth.

British–Irish Ice Sheet; ice‐sheet flow dynamics; MIS2; North Sea Lobe; palaeoglaciology

Journal of Quaternary Science: Volume 36, Issue 5

FundersNERC Natural Environment Research Council
Publication date31/07/2021
Publication date online10/03/2021
Date accepted by journal11/01/2021

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