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The Epistemology of Modality



Roca Royes S (2020) The Epistemology of Modality. In: Routledge Handbook of Metametaphysics. 1st ed. Routledge Handbooks in Philosophy. New York: Routledge, pp. 364-375.

This chapter is on the epistemology of modality. To provide the right context and focus, however, some preliminaries are in order. To start, the term ‘modality’ refers to the phenomenon of necessities and possibilities (as well as related ones such as impossibilities and contingencies) and it can be understood in different senses. In its most general sense, it refers to the variety of different modalities. In this chapter, however, our focus will be metaphysical modality and, although I will not make it explicit each time, this is how my use of modal vocabulary should be understood.

Modality; Epistemology; Metaphysics;

Title of seriesRoutledge Handbooks in Philosophy
Publication date14/07/2020
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