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Beaumont P & Harris J (2015) Series Editors' Preface. In: Maintenance and Child Support in Private International Law. Studies in Private International Law, Volume 17. Oxford: Hart Publishing, pp. v-vi.

The Series Editors' Preface introduces a major monograph by Lara Walker on the private international law of maintenance focusing on the Hague Maintenance Convention and Protocol 2007 and the EU Maintenance Regulation. It explains that the book is largely analytical but also includes an empirical study on the first year of operation of the EU Maintenance Regulation. It is part of the pragmatic school of private international law taking full account of the significance of human rights in that discipline.

Private International Law; Maintenance; EU Law; Hague Convention 2007; Hague Protocol 2007

The monograph author is Lara Walker.

FundersUniversity of Aberdeen
Title of seriesStudies in Private International Law
Number in seriesVolume 17
Publication date31/12/2015
Publication date online19/02/2015
PublisherHart Publishing
Publisher URL…w-9781509903559/
Place of publicationOxford

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Professor Paul Beaumont

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