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Beaumont P (2020) Series Editor's Preface. In: Clawback Law in the Context of Succession. Studies in Private International Law, Volume 26. Oxford: Hart Publishing, pp. v-vi.

The Series Editor's Preface introduces the groundbreaking monograph on clawback in the context of succession by Jayne Holliday. Jayne advocates a new characterisation of these matters and proposes the outline of a new international convention in The Hague on the topic. It is a subject that fundamentally divides States and her comparative law analysis shows that the divide is within the civil law family as well as between that family and the common law family. The preface records the views of the anonymous reviewer on Jayne's book because Jayne is my wife.

Private International Law, Clawback, Succession, Gift, Property, Contract

The author of the book is Jayne Holliday.

Title of seriesStudies in Private International Law
Number in seriesVolume 26
Publication date31/12/2020
Publication date online02/05/2020
PublisherHart Publishing
Publisher URL…n-9781509932337/
Place of publicationOxford

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Professor Paul Beaumont

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