Maximising the impact of global and national physical activity guidelines: the critical role of communication strategies



Milton K, Bauman AE, Faulkner G, Hastings G, Bellew W, Williamson C & Kelly P (2020) Maximising the impact of global and national physical activity guidelines: the critical role of communication strategies. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 54 (24), pp. 1463-1467.

Objectives Physical activity guidelines are evidence-based statements on recommended physical activity levels for good health. Guidelines, in isolation, are unlikely to increase population levels of physical activity; appropriate and effective communication is fundamental to maximising their impact. The aim of this paper is to provide a planning framework for physical activity guideline communication, including an overview of key audiences, aims and approaches. Methods All authors considered and agreed on the three broad issues to address by consensus. We identified key sources of evidence through scoping of the literature and our knowledge of the research area. Results Whether guidelines are global or national, communication of the physical activity guidelines should be informed by: (1) a situational analysis that considers the context in which the communication will take place and (2) a stakeholder analysis to determine the key target audiences for the communication and their values, needs and preferences. Audiences include policy-makers within and outside the health sector, other key stakeholders, the general public, specific population subgroups, health professionals and non-health professionals with a role in physical activity promotion. The aims and approach to communication will differ depending on the target audience. Conclusion Communication to raise awareness and knowledge of the physical activity guidelines must be supported by policies, environments and opportunities for physical activity. Besides the intrinsic value of the physical activity guidelines, it is essential that substantial effort is put in to diligently planning, funding and implementing their communication from the outset.

Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation; Orthopedics and Sports Medicine; General Medicine

British Journal of Sports Medicine: Volume 54, Issue 24

Publication date31/12/2020
Publication date online25/11/2020
Date accepted by journal17/08/2020

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Professor Gerard Hastings

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