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State of the Art Review (WP2) Higher Education Institutions/Universities Responses to Digitalization (IO1)



Webb A State of the Art Review (WP2) Higher Education Institutions/Universities Responses to Digitalization (IO1). European Commission.

This is Output 1 of the project. In Scotland, the Scottish Digital Strategy aims to build an inclusive, ethical, innovative and productive digital nation (Scottish Government 2017). The strategy promises investment in the connectivity, digital infrastructure and digital skills development for individuals, communities and organisations. It also highlights technological ambitions to drive further developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and to capitalise on growth attributed to data revolution. It echoes the UK-wide policies and strategies, and it is promising a significant investment in education, training and support for equalising access to good employment opportunities and supporting development of digital and cognitive technology skills, which are aligned with the European Union’s digital competency framework (Appendix 4). Some important initiatives to tackle the digital skills gap and digital connectivity, improving the nation’s digital capability and reducing digital exclusion have been already set up, such as new E-commerce Institute, multiple digital hubs and centres spread across the country, or local and national Digital Skills Partnerships, which bring together regional businesses, large employers, charities, and public sector organisations to tackle local digital skills challenges and build thriving and inclusive local economies. Scottish universities, are also responding to demands and ambitions set out by the Scottish Government with national and local practices aimed at improving digital skills of students and staff, and offering competitive and demand driven programmes and courses across ICT, AI, Cyber Security (Appendix 3), as well as embedding digital skills and competencies more widely through the curricula.

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