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Call for Papers: Nudging and Choice Architecture



Leal CC, Oliveira B, Branco-Illodo I & Salvador MLE (2020) Call for Papers: Nudging and Choice Architecture. Journal of Contemporary Administration via Zenodo [Repository] 18.06.2020.

Insights from behavioral sciences are reshaping the architecture of choice design. Nudges are small changes in supposedly irrelevant features in the choice framing to enhance the best option, without removing the other set of options, to promote the best self-interest of the individual (Thaler & Sunstein, 2008) . A nudge is neutral in the sense that individuals can opt-out of the nudge incentive without difficulty or relevant cost. However, in practice, nudges are strongly efficient to affect the decision-making process and, consequently, the final well-being level of the individuals (hopefully for the best). Currently, nudge initiatives are increasingly widespread. They are being used in very different ways and at different levels throughout the world to enhance the effectiveness of interventions to promote individual and social welfare (see, for instance, Behavioural Insights Team, 2018; John et al., 2020; Lehner et al., 2016; Lourenço et al., 2016; White, 2019; Whitehead et al., 2014). In this special call for papers, we aim to see how insights from behavioral science can help researchers and policymakers to understand the potential of choice architecture and nudging to respond to various challenges in management. For this special issue, we welcome submissions of all areas of management that address nudging or choice architecture.

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Publication date18/06/2020
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Dr Ines Branco-Illodo

Dr Ines Branco-Illodo

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