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Polina Zioga - The Shelter

Alternative title Πωλίνα Ζιώγα - Το Καταφύγιο


Fragoulopoulou Z & Zioga P (2012) Polina Zioga - The Shelter [Πωλίνα Ζιώγα - Το Καταφύγιο]. Athens, Greece: Pavlidis Creative Publications.

The bilingual publication 'Polina Zioga - The Shelter' in Greek and in English, was released by Pavlidis Creative publications on the occasion of Polina Zioga’s solo exhibition 'The Shelter', at Fournos Center for Digital Culture, from 18th until 26th of June 2012. It includes visual material, video stills and details, from the homonym video installation, but also unreleased material taken from the creative process. Inside the publication's pages can be read Heraclitus’ fragment, which consists the central core and reference of Polina Zioga’s work, the critical text by the curator Zoe Fragoulopoulou, and also a 'public-private dialogue' between them, concerning the individual/biological body as an adaptation of a social/collective one, but also the theatrical stage as another space for the presentation of the visual artwork and the representation of the human correlations. It includes 48 colour pages, in 150gr. velvet paper, dimensions 12x18cm, with soft cover.

The publication is bilingual - English and Greek

Publication date30/06/2012
PublisherPavlidis Creative Publications
Place of publicationAthens, Greece