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Catherine Street’s Muscle Theory: an assemblage of organicity


Zioga P & Bento-Coelho I (2015) Catherine Street’s Muscle Theory: an assemblage of organicity. Central Stn: The Creative Social Network [Blog Post] 28.04.2015.

Polina Zioga and Inês Coelho are visual artists conducting their doctoral research at the Glasgow School of Art. Polina is investigating the use of Brain-Computer Interfaces in real-time audio-visual and mixed-media performances. She will present her research at the Joint Conference on Serious Games 2015 and her new performance will premiere in Glasgow in July 2015. Inês’ research enquires what choreography means in contemporary visual context in relation to sculpture, performance, site-specificity, and spatial concerns. She will present her work at the Glasgow University International Conference in May 2015. Here, they review Catherine Street’s current exhibition on display at the Reid Gallery until Thursday 30 April.


Type of mediaBlog Post
FundersGlasgow School of Art
Publication date online30/04/2015
PublisherCentral Station