Ephemeral Cinema Spaces


Velez Serna MA (2020) Ephemeral Cinema Spaces. Film Culture in Transition. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

With changing technologies and social habits, the communal cinema experience would seem to be a legacy from another era. However, the last decade has seen a surge in interest for screening films in other, temporary public settings. This desire to turn pubs, galleries, parks, and even boats, into temporary cinema spaces is moved not only by a love for movies, but also a search for ways of being and working together. This book documents current practices of pop-up and site-specific cinema exhibition in the UK (with a focus on Scotland), tracing their links with historical forms of non-theatrical exhibition such as public hall cinema and fairground bioscopes. Through archival research, observation and interviews, the project asks how exhibitors create ephemeral social spaces, and how the combination of film and venue reinvents cinema as device and as social practice.

Title of seriesFilm Culture in Transition
Publication date31/12/2020
Publication date online04/07/2020
PublisherAmsterdam University Press
Publisher URL…al-cinema-spaces
Place of publicationAmsterdam