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Pressured times call for emergency measures in Scotland's prisons



Graham H (2020) Pressured times call for emergency measures in Scotland's prisons. Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, 10.06.2020.

People approved for the early release scheme are released from prison unconditionally (not out on licence), without an electronic monitoring tag. Release is risk assessed, and falls within the victim notification scheme. According to the Scottish Prison Service, of the 445 people who met the eligibility criteria, a total of 348 people were released from prison early during May 2020. That is 314 men and 34 women, the vast majority of whom are aged under 47 years old. A discretionary veto by prison governors prevented the early release of 63 people. A further 34 eligible people were instead released by ‘other’ means.

Publication date online10/06/2020
Publisher URL…cotlands-prisons

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Dr Hannah Graham
Dr Hannah Graham

Senior Lecturer, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology