The Frankfurt Book Fair and Bestseller Business



Squires C & Driscoll B (2020) The Frankfurt Book Fair and Bestseller Business. Elements in Publishing and Book Culture. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the leading global industry venue for rights sales, facilitating business-to-buzzness deals and international networks. In this book, we pursue an Ullapoolist approach to excavate beneath the production of bestsellers at the Fair. Our investigation involved three consecutive years of fieldwork (2017-2019) including interviews and autoethnographic, arts-informed interventions. The book argues that buzz at the Fair exists in two states: as market-ready media reports and partial, lived experiences linked to mood. The physical structures and absences of the Fair enact its power relations and direct the flow of books and buzz. Further, the Fair is not only a site for commercial exchange but a carnival of sorts, marked by disruptive historical events and problematic socio-political dynamics. Key themes emerging from the book are the presence of excess, the pseudo(neo)liberal self-satisfaction of book culture, and the interplay of optimism and pessimism in contemporary publishing.

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StatusIn Press
Title of seriesElements in Publishing and Book Culture
Publication date online20/09/2020
PublisherCambridge University Press
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Professor Claire Squires

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