The value of Big Data in government: The case of 'smart cities'



Löfgren K & Webster CWR (2020) The value of Big Data in government: The case of 'smart cities'. Big Data and Society, 7 (1).

The emergence of Big Data has added a new aspect to conceptualizing the use of digital technologies in the delivery of public services and for realizing digital governance. This article explores, via the ‘value-chain’ approach, the evolution of digital governance research, and aligns it with current developments associated with data analytics, often referred to as ‘Big Data’. In many ways, the current discourse around Big Data reiterates and repeats established commentaries within the eGovernment research community. This body of knowledge provides an opportunity to reflect on the ‘promise’ of Big Data, both in relation to service delivery and policy formulation. This includes, issues associated with the quality and reliability of data, from mixing public and private sector data, issues associated with the ownership of raw and manip- ulated data, and ethical issues concerning surveillance and privacy. These insights and the issues raised help assess the value of Big Data in government and smart city environments.

Big Data; smart cities; public value chain; value chain analysis; eGovernment; privacy

Big Data and Society: Volume 7, Issue 1

FundersESRC Economic and Social Research Council
Publication date30/06/2020
Publication date online01/04/2020
Date accepted by journal15/01/2020
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Professor William Webster

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