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Who can you trust during the coronavirus crisis?


Cairney P (2020) Who can you trust during the coronavirus crisis?. Paul Cairney: Politics & Public Policy blog [Blog Post] 19.03.2020.

Trust is essential during a crisis. It is necessary for cooperation. Cooperation helps people coordinate action, to reduce the need for imposition. It helps reduce uncertainty in a complex world. It facilitates social order and cohesiveness. In a crisis, almost-instant choices about who to trust or distrust make a difference between life and death. Put simply, we need to trust: experts to help us understand and address the problem, governments to coordinate policy and make choices about levels of coercion, and each other to cooperate to minimise infection. Yet, there are three unresolved problems with understanding trust in relation to coronavirus policy.


Type of mediaBlog Post
Publication date31/03/2020
Publication date online31/03/2020
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