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Coffee P, Parker PC, Murray R & Kawycz S (2019) Attribution. In: Haslam SA, Fransen K & Boen F (eds.) Sport and exercise psychology: The social identity approach. London: SAGE Publications.

First paragraph: Attributions are explanations about why particular behavioural or performance outcomes occurred, and these explanations enhance our ability to predict and control events in the future. Consider for a moment, whether it is even possible to experience sport and not consider attributions for behaviours and performances? How would young athletes develop and improve if they did not evaluate why a performance went well (to repeat that success) or why a performance went poorly (to correct behaviour in the future)? What would sport commentators comment on if they could not debate motives for behaviour and reasons for a team’s success or demise?

Output Status: Forthcoming

Author(s)Coffee, Pete; Parker, Patti C; Murray, Ross; Kawycz, Simon
PublisherSAGE Publications
Place of publicationLondon
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