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Smokers' response to standardised tobacco packaging



Moodie C, Brose LS, Lee HS, Power E & Bauld L (2019) Smokers' response to standardised tobacco packaging. University of Stirling. Stirling. https://www.stir.ac.uk/research/public-policy-hub/policy-briefings/

In May 2017, the UK became the third country to fully implement standardised tobacco packaging. The requirement was phased in, with companies given 12 months from May 2016 to make the transition from fully-branded to plain, standardised cartons. The policy was introduced by the UK Government following the report of the independent review into standardised packaging of tobacco. The Review concluded that the introduction of standardised packaging, as part of a comprehensive policy of tobacco control, would be very likely over time to contribute to a modest yet important reduction in smoking prevalence. Additionally, the UK Department of Health estimates that standardised packaging will have a net benefit to government of £25 billion ten years post-implementation. However, the review also acknowledged that its conclusions were based on limited evidence. This briefing paper, summarising one of the first studies to explore how smokers responded to standardised packaging in the UK, adds to the body of evidence on the likely effect of standardised packaging on tobacco consumption. In doing so, it provides policymakers with a robust tool by which to evaluate the initial impact of the policy.

smoking; tobacco; public health;

FundersCancer Research UK
Publication date31/03/2019
Publication date online31/03/2019
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Dr Crawford Moodie

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