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Why the world is looking to the Philippines for climate justice



Savaresi A, Cismas I & Hartmann J (2018) Why the world is looking to the Philippines for climate justice. The Conversation. 22.02.2018.

First paragraph: Corporations and governments around the world increasingly stand accused of causing or failing to prevent the damaging effects of climate change.Test cases are being filed in many countries to establish who is responsible and what action should be taken.  In 2016, after a series of particularly violent typhoons hit the Philippines, a group of Filipino citizens and civil organisations, including Greenpeace, accused 47 corporations of having significantly contributed to climate change, and called for them to be held accountable. Dubbed the “Carbon Majors”, these included the likes of Shell, BP and Chevron.  The group asked the Philippines Human Rights Commission to investigate the Carbon Majors’ responsibility for alleged breaches of Filipinos’ human rights to “life, health, food, water, sanitation, adequate housing and self determination” that are associated with climate change.

Publication date online22/02/2018
PublisherThe Conversation Trust
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