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Mr Heri Setiawan

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About me

I receive a scholarship from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to take PhD study at the University of Stirling. Before starting my study, I was a civil servant in the Ministry of Finance, the Republic of Indonesia, with a lot of experiences in several areas, such as accountancy, risk management, quality assurance, and business process. I was also involved in some strategic projects, including the establishment of the Indonesian Eximbank, the development of microfinance industry, the implementation of enterprise architecture framework for digital transformation, and the core tax system modernisation.

I obtained bachelor’s degree in Universitas Indonesia and master’s degree in Tilburg University, both were in Accountancy subject. However, my recent job as a business process analyst in the Directorate General of Taxes inspired me to learn more about innovation in the public services. As a business process analyst, one of my responsibilities was doing research to explore ideas and develop innovations to improve the tax administration by utilizing information technology. I was involved in some innovation projects, such as compliance risk management, taxpayer account management, revenue accounting system, etc.

My research topic is the process of technological innovation in the public services. Using case study in the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, this research explores the stages of innovation-development process in the public services and investigates barriers of them, as well as its critical success factors. I believe that my research will give contributions, not only for knowledge, but also for innovation practice in the public sector.


  • Innovation in the public services
  • Innovation management
  • e-government
  • Digital transformation in the public sector

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