Building a Movement: Community Development and Community Resilience in Response to Extreme Events

Funded by National Centre for Resilience Scotland.

Collaboration with MacRobert Arts Centre Ltd, Scottish Government and University of Glasgow.

We would like the Executive Group to consider our proposal towards a series of workshops centred on the theme of community resilience to extreme events. We aim to bring various stakeholders from across policy, practice and research, including a focus on community groups, in order to discuss best practice as it pertains to community resilience in Scotland. This will also include discussion on gaps in practice and research knowledge and next steps to promote growth in this area. We believe there remains a gap in identifying what community resilience is currently enacted and how such experiences can be used to encourage further community resilience/understanding of community resilience. This development of community resilience will hopefully form the foundations for sustainable, positive changes in people’s lives and communities.

Aims • Identify models of good practice in community resilience to extreme events that can inform approaches across policy, practice and research • Develop a network of expertise that links Scotland into international developments and good practice

Total award value £28,577.00


Dr Sandra Engstrom
Dr Sandra Engstrom

Lecturer, Social Work

Dr Tony Robertson
Dr Tony Robertson

Lecturer in Geographies of Public Health, Biological and Environmental Sciences