New Urban Agenda and Housing

Funded by The British Academy.

Collaboration with Technical University of Istanbul.

In Turkey, after 1980's, neoliberal urban policies shaped the housing sector. A similar neo-liberal agenda was developed in the UK, too. The research on 'New Urban Agenda and Housing Development in Istanbul' will discuss theory and methods, through interdisciplinary research between Turkish and UK scholars, who work and think on similar contexts. The aim is to examine comparatively the needs for affordable housing, and capacities to meet them in UK and Turkey. As an emerging economy, in Turkey we observe a gap between needs and capacities. There are alternative ways of meeting them, complementary to the existing policy framework. One way is to focus on social aspects of communities, the other, on the built environment for sustainable housing and neighbourhoods. As these two are interrelated we need to develop integrated approaches. The benefits expected out of this project are: collaboration in research, education and professional practice in housing research.

Total award value £9,880.00

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Professor Isobel Anderson
Professor Isobel Anderson

Professor, Housing Studies

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