Determining the Impact of Smoking Point of sale Legislation Among Youth (DISPLAY) study

Funded by National Institute for Health Research.

Collaboration with Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research & Policy and University of Edinburgh.

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Ms Anne Marie MacKintosh

Ms Anne Marie MacKintosh

Senior Researcher, Institute for Social Marketing

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AG Kuipers M, Best C, Wilson M, Currie D, Ozakinci G, Marie Mackintosh A, Stead M, Eadie D, MacGregor A, Pearce J, Amos A & Haw S (2020) Adolescents' perceptions of tobacco accessibility and smoking norms and attitudes in response to the tobacco point-of-sale display ban in Scotland: Results from the DISPLAY study. Tobacco Control, 29 (3), pp. 348-356.


Pearce J, Cherrie M, Best C, Eadie D, Stead M, Amos A, Currie D, Ozakinci G, MacGregor A & Haw S (2020) How has the introduction of point-of-sale legislation affected the presence and visibility of tobacco retailing in Scotland? A longitudinal study. Tobacco Control, 29 (2), pp. 168-174.


Best C, Haseen F, Currie D, Ozakinci G, MacKintosh AM, Stead M, Eadie D, MacGregor A, Pearce J, Amos A, Frank J & Haw S (2018) Relationship between trying an electronic cigarette and subsequent cigarette experimentation in Scottish adolescents: a cohort study. Tobacco Control, 27 (4), pp. 373-378.;


van der Sluijs W, Haseen F, Miller M, MacGregor A, Sharp C, Amos A, Best C, Stead M, Eadie D, Pearce J, Frank JW & Haw S (2016) 'It looks like an adult sweetie shop': point-of-sale tobacco display exposure and brand awareness in Scottish secondary school students. Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 18 (10), pp. 1981-1988.


Best C, Haseen F, van der Sluijs W, Ozakinci G, Currie D, Eadie D, Stead M, MacKintosh AM, Pearce J, Tisch C, MacGregor A, Amos A, Frank JW & Haw S (2016) Relationship between e-cigarette point of sale recall and e-cigarette use in secondary school children: a cross-sectional study. BMC Public Health, 16, Art. No.: 310.


Eadie D, Stead M, MacKintosh AM, Murray S, Best C, Pearce J, Tisch C, van der Sluijs W, Amos A, MacGregor A & Haw S (2016) Are Retail Outlets Complying with National Legislation to Protect Children from Exposure to Tobacco Displays at Point of Sale? Results from the First Compliance Study in the UK. PLoS ONE, 11 (3), Art. No.: e0152178.

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