The Biography of a National Collection: the Acquisition of Casts of Sculpture by the National Museum of Scotland

Funded by The Henry Moore Foundation.

Collaboration with University College London.

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Professor Sally Foster

Professor Sally Foster

Professor, History

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Book Chapter

Foster S (2018) Replication of things: the case for composite biographical approaches. In: Codell J & Hughes L (eds.) Replication in the Long Nineteenth Century: Re-makings and Reproductions. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 23-44.


Hobma H, O'Donnell D, Karkov C, Foster S, Graham J, Osborn W, del Turco R, Broatch R, Broatch S, Callieri M & Dellepiane M (2016) Modern impact on the fabric of the Ruthwell Cross. Old English Newsletter, 46 (1).

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