Stories in the Land

Funded by The Ernest Cook Trust.

Collaboration with Royal Scottish Geographical Society.

Stories in the Land was a collaborative venture between Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS) who led the project (Dr J Gilbert) and University of Stirling. The project was funded by Heritage Lottery and the Ernest Cook Trust and took place during 2013. While the journeys which started the project have passed, the stories live on in an exhibition, educational resources, academic research and, of course, stories!

Stories in the Land aimed to encourage local people to become collectors, creators and tellers of old and new stories inspired by the epic journeys of the Scottish drovers. A major focus was on providing opportunities to take part in local journeys of varying lengths from short walks of an hour or so, to expeditions lasting several days which involved ponies and a pony and cart.

As part of the wider project, Dr Greg Mannion from the University of Stirling interviewed participants of different generations, recordings their memories of the landscape and way of life in the past, and their experience of the project in the present.

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Professor Gregory Mannion

Professor Gregory Mannion

Professor, Education

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