Alcohol Policy Interventions in Scotland and England: APISE

Funded by Medical Research Council.

Collaboration with The Open University and University of Wollongong.

Alcohol Policy Interventions in Scotland and England (APISE) (2012-2015) (Funded by National Prevention Research Initiative (NPRI)) The Alcohol Policy Interventions in Scotland and England study (APISE) was part of a multi-country collaborative project (the International Alcohol Control Policy Evaluation Study) to assess the impact and effectiveness of alcohol control policies. The study design was modelled on the International Tobacco Control study. Longitudinal surveys of drinkers in participating countries, together with the analysis of the policy context, allowed for assessment of change over time within countries and comparison between countries. Funding was secured from the National Prevention Research Initiative (NPRI) to enable collection of baseline data in Scotland and England and a follow-up 12 months later. Three linked stages of research included an audit of alcohol control strategies in each country, exploratory research with adult drinkers and a longitudinal survey. The baseline survey, conducted 2012/2013, recruited a cohort of 1,749 adult drinkers in England and 1,728 in Scotland. The cohort was followed up 12 months later. The survey was conducted using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) and collected comprehensive consumption data, using a framework that is beverage and location specific, to facilitate identification of impacts of policy change. Policy related measures are measures that are closely linked to a specific policy and therefore expected to be directly affected by the introduction of a particular policy. A range of policy-related measures were included in the study including, for example, affordability which is a key measure in relation to the introduction of Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP). APISE had an international dimension through collaboration with colleagues in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Thailand and South Korea who undertook analogous studies in their countries. The study was led by researchers at the University of Stirling and was conducted in collaboration with the University of Sheffield, The Open University and the University of Wollongong.

Total award value £700,959.00

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Ms Anne Marie MacKintosh

Ms Anne Marie MacKintosh

Senior Researcher, ISM

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Cuong PV, Casswell S, Parker K, Callinan S, Chaiyasong S, Kazantseva E, Meier P, MacKintosh AM, Piazza M, Gray-Phillip G & Parry CDH (2018) Cross-country comparison of proportion of alcohol consumed in harmful drinking occasions using the International Alcohol Control Study. Drug and Alcohol Review, 37 (S2), pp. S45-S52.


Huckle T, Romeo JS, Wall M, Callinan S, Holmes J, Meier P, MacKintosh AM, Piazza M, Chaiyasong S, Cuong PV & Casswell S (2018) Socio-economic disadvantage is associated with heavier drinking in high but not middle-income countries participating in the International Alcohol Control Study. Drug and Alcohol Review, 37 (S2), pp. S63-S71.