Seafood Innovation - R3-IoT

Funded by Centre for Enviroment, Fisheries & Aquaculture and Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre.

Collaboration with R3-IoT Ltd.

Support for a Seafood Innovation fund bid from R3-IoT. This is looking at the use of data gathering and analysis from fish farms through automated sensors. It fits well into the precision farming remit for environmental data provision.

There is a ~£8,000 'in kind' contribution (10 days) from Prof Telfer (approved), and £10,000 in funding from the SIF project (including a £5K contribution from SAIC). The project is to investigate feasibility/proof of concept of the use of the technology and use of the data in environmental management of aquaculture, and has a good possibility of leading to further development and funding.

Total award value £10,000.00

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Professor Trevor Telfer

Professor Trevor Telfer

Professor, Aquaculture

Dr Lynne Falconer

Dr Lynne Falconer

Research Fellow, Institute of Aquaculture

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