Perceptions and attitudes of strategic decision-makers and affected families across Scotland towards Drug Consumption Rooms to prevent drug-related deaths

Funded by Scottish Government.

Collaboration with Figure 8 Consultancy Services, Liverpool John Moores University and Transform Drug Policy Foundation.

This is a 12 month qualitative study which seeks to explore the views and attitudes toward Drug Consumption Rooms (DCRs) from two key groups. DCRs are easy-to-access healthcare settings where people can consume drugs under the supervision of medical professionals alongside being provided with clean injecting equipment, and can be supported to access other services.

The two groups this study will focus on are: strategic decision-makers who have workforce responsibilities, and the family members of people who use drugs and who may benefit from a DCR if implemented. Interviews will be conducted with individuals from these groups to explore views, attitudes, and perceptions on facilitators/barriers to implementation. This study involves partnerships between the University of Stirling and Figure 8 Consultancy, Transform Drugs Policy Foundation, Glasgow Caledonian University and Liverpool John Moores University.

Total award value £37,284.00


Dr Rebecca Foster
Dr Rebecca Foster

Research Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences

Professor Tessa Parkes
Professor Tessa Parkes

Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences