Cherish Investigator Led Proposal - demonstrating impact in housing, health and social care

Funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Collaboration with Swansea University.

The impact sought is a change in the way housing an ageing population is considered and the use/adoption of an age friendly housing prototype by the construction industry and older people themselves.

Measurable outputs include:

  1. a housing prototype used by the construction industry, and older people themselves.
  2. a prototype of the digital Serious Game app for roll-out across the UK
  3. a digital publication which outlines the findings of the Serous Game workshops and which provides guidance on how the housing sector can develop housing models to support an ageing population

Total award value £12,820.50

People (3)


Professor Judith Phillips
Professor Judith Phillips

Professor, Dementia and Ageing

Ms Lesley Palmer
Ms Lesley Palmer

Acting Director DSDC, Dementia Services Development Centre

Dr Martin Quirke
Dr Martin Quirke

Research Fellow (Qualitative), Dementia and Ageing