IRAPS: Interdisciplinary Research into political interest, civil society support and available data to strengthen Alcohol Policy Systems in Brazil and Peru

Funded by Medical Research Council.

Collaboration with London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and University of Sheffield.

This project will explore barriers and opportunities to strengthening alcohol policy in the 3 Americas countries. It will consist of 3 workpackages: (1) ~20 Interviews with relevant policy-makers – mainly national - about their interests, understanding, concerns and research needs around alcohol; consideration of relevant political documents. (2) ~20 Interviews with civil society stakeholders about their organisation’s views on alcohol (e.g. cancer, violence charities etc.); consideration of relevant documentation. (3) Mapping of available data relevant to policymaker interests, data quality, usage and gaps, including capacity, that affect the feasibility of robust research relevant to policymaker and civil society needs including modelling/complex systems informed natural experiments.

Total award value £183,188.00

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Dr Isabelle Uny

Dr Isabelle Uny

Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Social Marketing

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Conference Paper (unpublished)

Uny I, Sanchez Z, Piazza M, Valerio I, Burela P, Petticrew M, Angus C & Fitzgerald N (2023) A comparison of Alcohol Policy subsystems in Peru and Brazil: findings from a qualitative study. 48th Annual Symposium of the Kettil Bruun Society for Social and Epidemiological Research on Alcohol, Johannesburg, 05.06.2023-09.06.2023.